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Best Bike Racks for Audi A1

Bike Racks for Audi A1

The Audi A1 is a compact car that is perfect for city driving. It’s small and lightweight, which makes it easy to park in tight spaces. The tradeoff of this size though is limited storage space. One way to solve the issue with limited cargo room is by installing a bike rack on your Audi A1! This article will explore some different styles of bike racks and give you our top picks for the best bike rack for an Audi A1 based on your needs!

Best 5 Bike Racks for Audi A1

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1. Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks

The Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks are perfect for cyclists who want to take their bikes with them on the go. With our locking knob that can be tightened into the receiver hitch, a wobble-free installation can be achieved. In addition, these racks can also be secured by locking it in place with the lock for added security. Furthermore, the carry arms of the rack can fold down when not in use thus giving you more flexibility when using your vehicle whilst transporting your bike. The individual tie-downs are fixed in position at one end and rotate enough to capture a wide range of bicycle frame sizes and styles so they’ll never become loose or cause damage to your bike’s finish!

2. Thule Easyfold XT 2-Bike Towbar Carrier

Over the last few decades, bike ownership has become a necessity for everyday commutes and fitness routines. But with your whole family out there on two wheels, how do you plan a trip without feeling like an overpacked clown car? If you’re not careful plenty of bikes can be ruined when jammed into tiny trunks or tight lockers – not to mention expensive insurance claims! Say goodbye to complicated cargo-single bike storage solutions by giving yourself the space to transport multiple bikes at once with these Thule Easyfold XT 2-Bike Towbar Carrier.

The Thule Easyfold XT 2-Bike Towbar Carrier is a lightweight, compact carrier that’s easy to store and simple to use. You can easily fold this carrier for convenient mounting in the trunk of your car. The Thule Easyfold accommodates most bicycles with its light frame, sturdy bars and unique design. It has got some unique of its kind features such as detachable bike arms and lockable torque knobs which click when optimal torque is reached. Even the Thule Easyfold folding tow bar carriers are accessible even with bikes mounted thanks to smart foot pedal tilt, making this great for you if you often carry more than one bike on any kind of trip!

3. Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack

Getting somewhere on your bike is a breeze with the Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack. This standard hook rack makes loading, unloading and storing your bike simpler than ever before. The ratcheting wheel strap and secure hook make it impossible to load or unload incorrectly – no more shaken frames. It also saves you from having to lift at all, so using this product will always be quicker than other racks! You can even store bikes with 5″ tires by adding the easy-to GripThule Fat Bike Adapter – just remember that these adapters are sold separately!

4. Saris Bones 805 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Last modified: May 16, 2021