Best Bike Racks For Subaru Forester

So, you don’t want to choose between your passion for cycling and driving, right? Well, you don’t have to if you are an owner of a Subaru Forester car. You can easily attach a bike rack to your Subaru Forester car without burning a hole in your pocket. To make your job easier, here we have listed some of the best Bike Racks that can easily be attached to Subaru Forester. Check out these bike racks and then make a buying decision –

Best 6 Bike Racks For Subaru Forester

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1. Subaru Forester Hitch Bike Carrier

When you want a premium quality bike rack for your Subaru Forester that looks pretty stylish, this one fits the bill well. The rack is made by Thule, a trusted name in the vehicle accessory segment. It can be used to carry a couple of bikes. The rack is sturdy but it is made with lightweight aluminum. This makes removal and installation hassle-free. Its anti-sway cages help prevent the bikes from clashing with each other. The arms are foldable. If you want to access the rear part of the car, that will not be a problem. The rack has an inbuilt pivot back system. You also get an integrated locking cable.

2. Yakima FullBack 2-Bike Trunk Rack

Do you want to take your Subaru Forester on occasional trips to remote locations and then indulge in biking? It would be necessary to invest in a suitable bike rack. Look no further than the Yakima FullBack 2-bike trunk rack. It offers the right mix of style and performance. Its unique 4-strap design makes installation a breeze. The padding and frame construction is top-notch and durability is awesome. The anti-sway cradles ensure your bikes do not bounce and collide at any time. Its arms are foldable which means storing it is simple. Its embedded SKS locking package enhances the safety of your bikes. The maximum load capacity is 70 pounds. Setting it up will not take much time.

3. YAKIMA, Dr.Tray Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack

Do you and family members use different sized bikes and love indulging in biking in the wilderness? If the answer is yes, equip your Subaru Forester with Dr.Tray bike rack now. It can tackle many types of bikes with ease. Bike clearance is very good. The rack can be adjusted easily using the Remote Control tilt lever. The aluminum body is lightweight but it is quite durable. Secure the bikes in a jiffy using its SKS cable lock. The setup is simple thanks to its locking SpeedKnob. Do you want to carry a 3rd bike with it? Then, you have to buy an EZ+1 Extension.

4. Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack

When you seek a strong built and sleek looking bike rack for your Subaru Forester, this metallic grey hued rack from Kuat is just right. The build quality is impressive and it comes with a long steel security cord. For folding it properly, there is a step locking mechanism. The NV 2.0 rack can accommodate bikes of varying types and sizes. Setting it up and assembling it on the car is simple. Once you lock the bikes, there is nothing like swaying or bouncing. The rack is solid and each component has a premium look. However, it is quite heavy. Very few competing products come with embedded locks for every bike. The tilt mechanism is smooth and you can access vehicles back anytime without having to remove the loaded bikes.

5. Thule Passage 2 Bike Carrier

This Thule bike rack for Subaru Forester is built rugged and looks stellar too. It comes with convenient features embedded. The Cushioned anti-sway cradles help keep the bikes away from each other and there is no bouncing and colliding. It lets you carry 2 bikes. The bike is equipped with the company’s patented Fit Dial adjustment system and so set it up on the car is a breeze. The components including the rubber straps are of premium quality. The rack base is laden with Soft rubber pads and so the vehicle paint will not get affected when you install the rack. The maximum load capacity is rated at 70 pounds. You get a lifetime warranty on this item.

6. Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

This Thule bike rack comes in 2 and 3 bike capacity. The features have been added thoughtfully. The Soft rubber cradles hold your bikes well and prevent damage. Its Patented FitDial system ensures the car paint is not dented. Thanks to the Narrow cradle arms, you can load many bike models. The Anti-sway functionality actually works. The Six strap system holds bikes tight and even at high speed, there is no bouncing. In the pack, you also get an instruction guide. The company is offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty on this rack. The maximum load capacity is 105 pounds. However, at 9.7 Pounds, the rack is lightweight.