Best Bike Racks For VW Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta is definitely a sleek and suave car that has got enough space to accommodate all your gears but not your bike. You simply can’t think of tucking your dirty bike inside because it is simply a stupid idea. Rather than risking it all, you should opt for a simpler alternative and that is – a bike rack. However, you need to make sure that the bike rack that you are planning to purchase is 100% compatible with Volkswagen Jetta otherwise it will be considered as another piece of junk. To make your job easier, here we have listed some of the most popular bike racks that can be attached to Volkswagen Jetta without facing any hassle.

Best 6 Bike Racks For VW Jetta

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1. Bell Rightup 250 2-Bike Platform Hitch Rack

Do you want to take your VW Jetta on weekend trips in the suburbs and indulge in cycling in serene locations? Then buying a suitable bike rack should be on your agenda. With the Bell Rightup 250 2-Bike Platform Hitch Rack you cannot go wrong. The rack is ideal to accommodate 2 bikes. The rack can be folded easily. Each bike should be within 35 pounds for using with it. While the rack is heavy and weighs over 22 kgs, the build quality is seriously impressive. The setup is simple and you may not actually need instructions for that. You can use your own lock system with this rack to secure the loaded bikes.

2. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack is a good companion for your VW Jetta. This is just perfect when you and your spouse both loves biking in serene locations, away from the chaos of the city. The rack comes with a Padded lower frame and so the bicycles will not collide with the car at all. Its Padded lower frame ensures the bikes stay far from the car. Besides, you get Side straps for enhanced lateral stability. Setting the rack up is hassle-free. The durability of this rack is top notch but it weighs only 8.8 pounds. The included guidelines are easy to follow. Everything including the pads and straps is of great quality.

3. CURT 18030 Extendable Trailer Hitch Bike Rack

Are you searching for a stylish and top-quality bike rack for your VW Jetta? Your search ends with the CURT 18030 Extendable Trailer Hitch Bike Rack. It is built robust and comes with some handy features. To keep the bikes, secure in transit, the anti-wobble shank is there. It also helps in reducing noise. The folding arm design and compact body ensure hassle-free storage. Thanks to its easy tilt-down design, you can access the vehicle’s rear section anytime. You can use it to load 2 or 4 bikes. The maximum load limit per bike is 45 pounds. You need not think about weather exposure as the rack has an excellent black powder coat. The inclusion of an integrated reflectors enhances safety at night. However, it is a heavy rack and weighs over 39 pounds.

4. YAKIMA, RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack

To take your VW Jetta to those relaxing biking trips, you have to buy a quality bike rack. Give the YAKIMA, RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack a try and you will not be disappointed. The rack looks sleek and it is laden with useful features. The UpperHand control lever is there and using that you can tilt the rack smoothly and access the back part of the car anytime. The quality zero-hassle ZipStrips are there to secure the bikes in position. The rack weighs 32 pounds and its build quality is great. You can carry 4 bikes using the rack. Its Anti-sway cradle design reduces the possibility of the bike-to-bike clash. You get plastic clips instead of rubberized straps.

5. Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack

Thule makes some of the most popular bike racks and you can buy the Camber Hitch Bike Rack for your VW Jetta. This is one hitch-mount style bike carrier and accommodates 4 bikes. It is simple to operate and comes with embedded anti-sway cradles. The ratcheting straps are of great quality. There will be 7 inches of space between the bikes. The overall load capacity is rated at 150 pounds. The rack itself weighs close to 19 kg and the build quality is quite good. The components used in it reflect the stellar quality and special mention must be made of the thick rubber straps.

6. Arksen Premium 2-Bike Carrier Rack

Are you looking for a sturdy and sleek bike rack that fits on your VW Jetta well? Your search ends with the Arksen Premium 2-Bike Carrier Rack. The black coated rack is made up of high-quality steel and so durability is assured.  You can carry 2 bikes of varying sizes on it. The bikes will be safe owing to the embedded padded bike cradles. There is enough space between the bikes to prevent the risk of colliding.  To eliminate the risk of swaying, you can tweak the provided anti-rattle hitch tightener. The rack has an easy tilt mechanism and so you can access the car’s tailgate anytime, minus hassles. The maximum combined load capacity of the rack is 70- pounds. Setting up the rack should be simple but even then, you can make use of the included installation guide.