Best Trunk Bike Racks

Ever since the popularity of biking has increased, more and more people are looking for ways to transport their bikes. One option is a trunk bike rack. A trunk bike rack is designed to fit on the back of your car’s trunk and hold one or two bikes safely in place during transportation. These racks come in many different designs, so it is important to do research before purchasing one that will work best for you. In this blog post we’ll review some of the top-rated models available today!

Best 7 Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

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1. Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

Introducing the Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack. This premium hanging-style bike carrier is perfect for families and couples looking to transport up to 2 bikes safely, securely, and conveniently across town or all the way around the world. Its patented FitDial guarantees a perfect fit for your vehicle with a broad range of compatibility options. The cradles are designed to hold both children’s play bikes as well as road, mountain, and adult bicycles with or without toe clips/ straps. And they’re engineered with soft rubber pads to protect your car’s finish from scratches while also absorbing any heavy shocks during transport. Built-in cable locks (keys included) provide additional security by securing both bike frame and carrier together so you never have worry about theft.

2. YAKIMA Fullback Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Finally, a bike rack for the modern vehicle owner! Designed by Yakima to work with all new cars and vans. Zipstrip cradles will prevent your bike from hitting the car as you drive off – and stay in place securely on your way home! Your bikes are fully protected thanks to SuperCush technology that helps pad your ride during transit. And when it’s time to lock down, our FullSKS locking package does everything we just mentioned AND keeps thieves out of reach – this is one investment you’ll never regret. The BackPack includes a mounting system which has been engineered specifically for vehicles without crossbars or at least 29″ of clearance between front and rear bumpers (does not accommodate recessed hitches).

3. Saris Bones EX Trunk Bike Rack

This trunk bike rack will keep your vehicle looking great with its sleek and clean high-end construction. Show off your VIP biker way of living with a premium designed, no flapping strap build to get you an extra confident safe and secure feeling when transporting gear in the back of your sweet ride.

Innovative and stylish, Saris Bones EX Trunk Bike Rack fits a range of vehicles. You’ll be glad to know that with it’s 100% recyclable materials, injection-molded arms and legs, and easy-to-use tie downs you’re in good hands.

This trunk bike rack has enough space to hold two bikes in place without struggling with strapping them down or messing around with straps. Bike holders are made of premium materials that lower the risk of scratching your paint job when you take off that stabilizing strap before driving away—not to mention they’re easy to use and quick to load. All this for a price you can’t say no too! The Saris Bones EX is compatible with all sorts of vehicles including those whose spoilers may interfere with installation so what are you waiting for?

4. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Extraordinary stability, secure and comfortable tie-downs, and durability are what makes the Allen Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk Rack a standout. The rack is made to install securely on many different vehicle types with its adjustable holding arm and frame pads. The patented single configuration design fits the widest range of vehicles in the industry by making it easy to add or remove bikes for where you’ll be going. You won’t have to worry about ruining your car’s finish or damaging your bicycles from rust thanks to an all grey nylon construction that resists corrosion while still being light enough for mobility.

Extending on Allen’s strong history of offering simple and easy-to-use bicycle transportation devices, the Deluxe 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack allows you to carry your bikes quickly and conveniently with no assembly required.

5. Schwinn Car Bike Rack

You could be ready to hit the road and take your bike on a scenic detour in no time with this car bike rack. This versatile 2-bike rack fits most sedans, hatchbacks, and vans for convenient and easy travel. The uniquely designed hold-down straps keep bikes firmly strapped down for safe transport without coming loose. And if you want to pack up the whole system, just fold it up quickly and easily while leaving your precious cargo in place thanks to the conveniently located hold-down strap slots on each end of our Rack – it’s so compact that can be used around town or stored out of sight when not in use!

Smoothly padded hold-down straps keep your bikes securely in place for worry free travel that won’t leave you stressed out after a long day outdoors. The innovative design also yields faster loading by separating bikes evenly so they can be loaded one on top.

6. Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Keep all your vehicles safe with the Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack! This Trunk Mounted Bike Rack carries three bikes in a fashion that allows you to squeeze them into your ride while still looking fabulous. A high rise adjustable frame means this rack will work for both hatchbacks and SUV’s, of course using a different type of strap. Best yet, it is easy to assemble, fold up flat for storage, and comes ready to mount as soon as you open the box. Furthermore, each bike holds securely away from damaging other vehicle parts thanks to rubber cradles on the bottom that protect the finish on their frames too!

Made from steel construction with custom foam padding around rubber anti-sway bike cradles and EPDM rubber straps that holds up to 3 bikes firmly in place, it won’t take long before you’ll be bike commuting like a pro. With max capacity of 35lbs per bike; soft rubber cradles protects bikes finish so they stay looking fresh.

7. Hollywood Racks Baja Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The Hollywood Rear Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is the easy way to haul your bikes with you when you head out of town. This rack secures up two bicycles firmly in place by using rubber anti-sway bike cradles and EPDM rubber straps, and comes fully preassembled for use right out of the box! The Baja’s mounts can also be folded flat for easy storage in your trunk or garage. With max bike capacity up to 35 lbs per bicycle, this rear mounted carrier will accommodate kids bicycles and ladies’ frame bikes along with many other types. The cradles’ EPDM rubber straps hold tight and its pre-assembled design makes installation a snap! You’re all set for that weekend at the campsite when you gear up with Hollywood Racks Baja Trunk Mounted Bike Rack today.

Best Trunk Bike Racks Buying Guide

Buying a trunk mounted bike rack for your car is easier said than done. Here we have listed factors that you need to carefully consider while selecting the right trunk mounted bike rack for your car –

Rack Height

The height of the rack will depend on your trunk’s design and how high you want to place it. Some racks are compatible with almost any car but for others, you need a specific type of car or truck with an adequate clearance between the top of the vehicle’s rear window and its bottom edge.

Manufacturer Reputation

The best way to find out whether the trunk mounted bike rack is good quality or not, you need to read customer reviews. This will give you some idea about how well it works and what are their feedback on using this product.

Additionally, if there’s a warranty for these racks then that can be seen as an indication of its reputation.

If the manufacturer has been in business for several years and they have satisfied customers then chances are your purchase will also prove to be satisfactory – but always consider other factors before buying such as weight capacity and ease-of-installation!

Weight Capacity

Another factor to take into account is the weight capacity of your trunk mounted bike rack. How much does it hold?

This will depend on what kind you’re looking for, and there are different models available that can accommodate bikes with varying weights – anything from 20 pounds up to 300 pounds in one go!

Just make sure that they don’t exceed more than half of the vehicle’s total weight. This is especially important if you have a lightweight car like a Smart Car or Mini Cooper because heavy loads could cause difficulties when turning corners suddenly.


The trunk mounted bike rack should be easy to install – and not take long either. It should not take long to assemble and it should be easy to install on the vehicle.

Bike racks that are hard to take on and off can easily ruin your day. If you want a trunk mounted bike rack, then it is important to find one with the capability of being easy for both taking on and off. Taking too long will make working out more difficult than ever before; this defeats the purpose!

Support Arms

The bike rack should have a support arm that is adjustable. Not all bikes are the same size and sometimes it can be hard to find what will work best for your vehicle.

A trunk mounted bike rack with an adjustable support arm makes sure you can put any style of bicycle on your car – no matter who made them or how big they are. With this feature, there’s never going to be another issue!


The absence of a proper cradle can make it very difficult to hold your bike in place. Not only will you have to work harder, but you won’t be able to use both hands either! This defeats the purpose of getting a trunk mounted bike rack if that is what you want and need.

A well-designed support cradle with dual positioning makes loading and unloading bikes much easier. There’s no worry about where or how they go as long as there are two positions for them – one high up on the arm and then another lower down on the arm so they can get into any car easily!

Support Straps

Support Straps are the final piece of the puzzle to ensure that your bike is safe and secure while it’s on there. They’re not just for holding bikes up – they also help keep them in place during a bumpy ride, as well-located straps will protect both you and your car from harm!

Whenever possible, choose straps with ratchet buckles so that you can quickly attach or detach – even when one hand is occupied by another important task (like opening doors).

Different Types Of Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

Fixed Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

In Fixed Trunk Mounted Bike Racks, all the pieces of the racks are welded together so that they don’t change their positions no matter what. The best thing about this Fixed Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is that it is relatively easy to set up but it lacks flexibility when it comes to customization since all its parts are bolted together.

Folding Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

Some high-end bike racks tend to have arms that can be folded down when you are not using it. This can prove handy when you are not carrying cycles and have very small parking space to park your car. When compared with other models of trunk mounted bike racks, this Folding Trunk Mounted Bike racks are not that much strong and have lower carrying capacity.

Adjustable Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

Adjustable Trunk Mounted Bike Racks flaunt a frame that is highly adjustable in nature. To increase the carrying capacity of this bike rack, you can either add an extendable arm or add extra arms to increase its bike carrying capacity. The major drawback of this adjustable trunk mounted bike rack is that their set-up process is a bit complex and their maximum weight carrying capacity is not that impressive.