Biking in Safety and Style

Biking in Safety and Style

This is my comprehensive guide to my favorite tips for Lady Biking in Safety and Style.

Basket. What- Are you going to wear a backpack and get a sweaty back? What about shopping?
I have a clip-on pannier and a front basket. Both were $20 or less.

Panniers or Saddle Bags – These big mamas help me go to the grocery store. They’re also awesome and remind me of when I used to have a car because you can just throw stuff in there and go! These are Basil brand and I was lucky enough to get them for free at a kick-ass bike event that I attended.

Lock! Fierce one like this if you live in NYC or a high-theft locale. Daintier one if you don’t.
I don’t love this, but my husband insists on Kryptonite for these parts.

I put it through my basket & handle bars while in motion.

Now that I have cute pink tires, I have also gotten the Kryptonite Chain so that I can go through the frame and the wheel. This lock weighs about 15 pounds, so I only bring it for special, late-night, new location, etc. occasions. I paid about $100 for it at my local bike shop.

Both of these locks give me great peace of mind when my bike is locked-up outside somewhere.

Lights. Riding at night is fun! Especially in the city. Streets lights light my way for the most part, but lights help you to be visible to others. I like Knog lights that “clip” or wrap on. Throw them in your purse. Lights are the law in New York City.

BellIt’s the law to have a bell in New York City and it’s simply the polite way to go.
Ring-Ring! Hi! I’m behind you! and Ring! Ring! Please do not open your car door just yet!

Sunglasses & Clear Glasses for eye protection. I don’t wear glasses to see- I use this as an excuse to wear clear fashion frames.

Cute Gloves. These add major quality of life points on a cool ride.

Carabinder Clip like this for your keys. You won’t have to balance your bike & dig through your bag.

I put my knog lights on here and this also keeps this stuff together when it’s in your purse at work or whatever.
Clip your keys to your basket so you can lock-up quickly and begin to enjoy your destination or impress your co-workers with your punctuality!

Baby Wipes(in summer or sweaty-times) will save your life! I keep these in my desk drawer at work and wipe the grime from my calves or wherever. And I got these singles for my wallet. Life savers.

Skippy-style sneakers: Keds, Converse, Vans, etc. Get some skippies. They’re lightweight, great for pedaling and travel well.

For winter- I loved cowgirl boots.

They hook onto your clipless pedals and the shaft protects your legs like the bicycle cowgirl you are!

Accessory Kit – I have a cosmetic pouch that I can easily have all my stuff together neatly for when I switch hand bags.

Bicycle shorts or shorty running shorts to wear under your skirts & dresses. For a more secure feeling.

Once bicycle life gets in your brain you’ll begin to only buy clothes & accessories you can bicycle in! Sometimes I even choose clothes in bright colors with bicycle visibility in mind. Ex: Red jacket, Hot Pink anything.

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Clive Hirst

Clive Hirst was born and bought up in Frankfort, Kentucky. He was the only child of his parents. He graduated from Kentucky State University and did a major on Microbiology. He is a veteran cyclist and has travelled all across the United States. He is currently working as an assistant professor in a middle eastern College, somewhere in Kurdistan and he still loves cycling when he is not teaching his students.

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