Heart Rate Training Vs Power Meters Training

When it comes to choosing a training method, cyclists have a lot of options these days. Two of the most popular methods are training with heart rate and training with power. So, which is the best option for you? Well, that depends on a number of factors. If you’re more interested in increasing your endurance, … Read more

Lactate Threshold Test & Cycling

In animals, L-lactate is constantly produced from pyruvate via the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in a process of fermentation during normal metabolism and exercise – pure science. It does not increase in concentration until the rate of lactate production exceeds the rate of lactate removal. Which is commonly referred to as the burn, it’s where … Read more

Your Guide To Cycling Group Set

What frame would you put Campagnolo on? And which would have SRAM or Shimano? Some of us are Campagnolo fans, others Shimano or SRAM. There are countless smaller operators that make parts too, a few even offer close-to-complete group sets, but only the big three (Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM) offer the whole set. Each groupset … Read more

How Do Cyclists Dress For Winter?

How do cyclists dress for winter? Is a great question for all cyclists new to winter cycling, you may have thought the winter too cold and savage, but with the right gear it’s a great time to ride and get fit for the summer fun. You don’t have to look like a scuba diver either, … Read more

HIIT Improves Performance Of Cyclist

Highly Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) with maximum effort blocks of 30 seconds can improve the performance of cyclists. When HIIT consists of maximum effort blocks of 5 minutes, the cycling performance will generally not improve. It appears that maximum effort in short blocks provides better workout results. HIIT HIIT is a popular form of exercise … Read more

Fueling For Ultra Cycling Events

Proper fueling during a long-duration event/race (200 miles to 500+ miles) is something that can’t be taken lightly… the quality of the fuel you put in your body—as well as the quantity of that fuel—needs to be seriously considered if you hope to enjoy a successful event.  Hopefully, you’ve been testing your fueling plan for … Read more

Do Cyclists Need To Go To The Gym

The winter season is the perfect time to take a break from sports-specific workouts and get in some strength training. It’s been proven that this will make you better prepared for summer competition. While the benefits of strength training for endurance athletes has been proven time and again, you may actually be better off staying … Read more

Drop The Weight, Not The Power

As much attention as professional and elite amateur athletes receive, the reality is that cyclists in the 30-50-year-old age group make up the majority of the athletes most coaches work with. As grown-up men and women with full-time jobs, families, and mortgages, your priorities and goals are likely to be significantly different than those of … Read more

Tips To Encourage Family Members To Start Cycling

There are many reasons why cycling is excellent for the environment, our national health and the local economy. However, you need more than words to convince your friends and family that cycling is a great idea! Here are some top tips: Draw up a cycling action plan with tasks for everyone. Then during every session of cycling, … Read more

Learn To Ride A Cycle As An Adult

When Katie was a little girl, she loved riding her bike. It gave her freedom and independence as she rode the streets of her neighborhood with abandon. She even took up bike racing for a while until it got too expensive to race competitively and all the kids had their driver’s licenses by then. When … Read more