Different Types of Bicycle

Different Types of Bicycle

A few years ago, the only bicycles you would find in a store were mountain bikes and cruiser. Today there are so many different types of bicycle that it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for your needs. There are now road-bikes, BMXs (Bicycle Motocross), folding models – all with specific purposes depending on where or how they will be used. The most common type of bike today has just two wheels; this includes children’s balance bikes as well as adult sidecars called “fixies.” You may have seen these while pedaling around town if you live near Richmond!

Different Types of Bicycle


The BMX style bicycle offers incredible speed, maneuverability, and agility on city streets. This type of bike will typically only have one gear (although some models offer two). If however the rider wants more gears they should try the hybrid option below which has wider options available in gearing changing systems. These types of bicycles are great for people who live in cities where there are plenty of stop signs and traffic lights that need stopping at so these riders won’t have to work hard on the bike.


A hybrid is more of a cross between a touring and mountain bike, they will generally offer wider gearing options than just one gear but less wide then that of a mountain bike. A hybrid offers good performance in both paved city streets and off-road trails which makes it perfect for those who want an all around type bicycle


Touring bikes are designed with long distance riding in mind while also making sure you can carry necessary equipment such as camping supplies or spare parts without slowing down your ride too much. These types of bicycles usually come with three gears or even four (some even go up to eight) so riders won’t be limited by their effort when climbing steep mountainous terrains , and usually offer plenty of gear combinations for those that will be riding in areas with more varied terrain.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are generally designed to handle rougher off-road trails as well as lighter paved streets, but it is important to note they often have a heavier frame than touring or road bikes which means riders won’t need to pedal quite as hard when traveling uphill. These types of bicycles typically come equipped with only one gear ratio so riders can concentrate on maintaining balance while climbing steep slopes without having worry about changing gears. Typically mountain bike frames are made out of aluminum alloy because the material is lightweight yet durable enough not get damaged easily by rough terrains

Road Bikes

Road bikes are meant primarily for pavement roads where cycling is not an obstacle course, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come in handy for other types of off-road riding. Road bikes have a different geometry than mountain and touring bicycles so while the rider has to pedal harder on inclines, he or she can still cycle quickly downhill without having to worry about slowing down because the bike’s frame is made out of lightweight materials like carbon fiber

Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross bikes are typically an amalgam between road racing bicycle frames and mountain bike frames allowing them to handle many surfaces including pavement roads as well as rougher trails with ease. The tires on these type of bicycles may be slightly wider which helps riders maintain traction when going over bumpy terrain such as roots found at the side of the trail.

Cyclocross bikes come equipped with drop bars which are more comfortable for riding on rough terrain and these types of bicycles typically have a lower gear ratio to help riders pedal over bumps at low speeds while still being able to accelerate quickly. These bikes also usually lack front suspension, but will often have disc brakes that provide better stopping.

Fixed-Gear Bikes

Fixed-Gear Bikes are a type of bike that does not have any freewheel mechanism. What this means is the pedals are directly connected to the back wheel so when you pedal, it causes your wheels to spin as well. The benefit of these types of bikes over other bicycle models can be summed up in one word: simplicity.

Dual-Sport Bikes

Dual-Sport Bikes are a type of bike that is designed to do just about anything. These bikes can be used as a commuter, touring, or adventure motorcycle substitute due to their larger tires and shocks on the front forks.

Road Touring Bikes

Road Touring bikes are the most popular choice among road cyclists for use in long-distance cycling because they have narrow more aerodynamic frames with thinner wheels than other types of bicycles. These lightweight machines are also built with drop handlebars which allow an upright riding position while still giving you quick access to your brake levers when required. Unlike hybrid models these will not come equipped with fenders or racks so if those features matter then it’s best to go elsewhere!

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser Bikes are are a type of bicycle that is designed to carry the rider in an upright position while still affording you a comfortable ride. These bikes are perfect for those who have physical difficulties or other ailments such as back pain because they allow more comfort by distributing your weight evenly throughout the machine. They also come equipped with fenders, racks and additional storage space which makes them attractive to many different types of cyclists even if it’s not their primary choice.

Flat-Foot Comfort Bikes

These bikes are designed to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible by minimizing the number of parts that come in contact with your feet. This helps prevent any discomfort or pain on long rides where you’re constantly peddling for hours at a time.

City Bikes

These are bikes designed for urban dwellers who spend most of their time in the city. They may have features like full chain guards, front and rear fenders, a chainguard to keep your pant leg from becoming dirty or wet as you ride, and other accessories that make them perfect for commuters.

Dirt Bikes

These are mountain bikes with wider tires which allow riders to traverse over rough terrain without fear of getting hung up on rocks or roots. The tread is also beefier than what’s found on normal mountain bikes so it can withstand dirt paths much better while still providing enough traction when riding down steep hillsides.

Recumbent Bikes

These bikes are designed for those who want to ride but have difficulty sitting upright. They are lowered and reclined, allowing the rider to lay back in a more natural position that is easy on their neck and spine while still being able to see what’s in front of them.

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