How To Attach A Bike Rack On Toyota Prius

Have you been thinking about getting a Toyota Prius but have wondered how you will be able to carry my bike around?

There is an answer! Why not have the best of both worlds; great gas mileage and the ease of carrying two bikes around. A rear hitch-mounted bike rack is one of the best option for Toyota Prius owners or shoppers looking into buying a Prius.

Although the Toyota dealerships will install the trailer hitch for you, installation is easy and something you can do on your own. You can install the hitch in about 30 minutes or less.Things You Will Need That Are Necessary:

  • Trailer hitch Curt Model 11468
  • Socket wrench with a 14m and 17m socket
  • Hand socket wrench with a 10m socket
  • Flat head screw driver for releasing the plastic rivets holding the underbody fascia in place
  • Heavy scissors or tin snips to trim the plastic under-body fascia
  • Extra set of hands to help you lift the trailer hitch into place

Things That Are NOT Necessary But Helpful:

  • Mechanic’s Creeper
  • Drive-on Ramps

5 Steps To Follow

Step 1

First, back Toyota Prius on drive-on ramps if possible to make getting getting under the car easier (this step is not necessary for the install of the hitch). Then remove the two tow hooks under the rear of you Prius using a socket wrench, unbolt and remove the tow hooks from the under-body frame rails at the rear of the Prius on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides.

Step 2

Remove plastic under body fascia saving the plastic rivet hardware for the reinstall later.

Step 3

Lift the hitch into position under the Prius and secure with bolts and washers provided with the hitch. Tighten the bolts. This may require some help from someone. Holding the hitch in place and securing the bolts may be difficult to do alone but possible. A second set of hands is helpful for this step.

Step 4

Place the fascia up under the car so you can see where you will need to cut a slot in the facia so you can reinstall the fascia. Using heavy scissors or tin snips cut a slot in the fascia on the driver’s side.  Extend the slot all the easy to the back edge of the facia and remove the small segment of fascia. Now the fascia will fit around the driver’s side of the newly installed hitch. There is no facia on the passenger side to worry about

Step 5

Reinstall the under body fascia with the existing hardware you set aside in Step 2. You are now ready to install your hitch-style bike rack.

Recommended Bike Racks

YAKIMA, RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack

This hitch mount is tough and versatile. Kind of like Coach. It carries any bike, from monster freeride bikes with funky frame designs to little pink bikes with training wheels. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use. All you do is flip a lever and it grabs onto the wheel. Bikes on and bikes off in 10 seconds or less.

Hollywood Racks HR1000 Sport Rider 2-Bike Platform

This is a cool rack and the one I recommend. Although you will have to take your front tire off when placing your bike on the rack the profile of your bike stays behind the car making your car more arrow dynamic and prevents bugs from hitting your bike.