How to Upgrade Your Bike

How to Upgrade Your Bike

A bike is a relatively small investment, but it can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your commute. If you’re looking to upgrade your old clunker with something new and shiny, we’ve got some tips for upgrading without breaking the bank. Read on for our list of affordable upgrades that will have your biking buddies green with envy!

Get A New Bike Seat

Bike seats should be replaced every three to five years, so it’s worth investing in a new seat that will be more comfortable. You’ll need to get fitted by an expert at your local bike shop before choosing the right replacement for you – they can help determine whether you’re best suited for a hard saddle or cushioned gel seats.

A good quality seat is going to cost upwards of $130. If this price tag seems high consider purchasing one online from popular brands that offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Get a New Helmet

Get a new helmet that fits your head and is good quality. Bike helmet prices range from $30 to more than $200, but quality is worth the investment. Visit your local bike shop or look online for a helmet that meets all safety standards and fits comfortably on your head.

A good fitting helmet should meet criteria set by US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC states that helmets must have an outer shell made of hard plastic with a foam lining. It also says the chin strap should be fastened under the chin because it provides better stability in case of an accident or fall. Helmets come in various sizes depending on age and size, so choose carefully!

The most important factor when choosing a new helmet is fit: you can’t ride safely without one! If the helmet doesn’t fit well, it will be uncomfortable and can fall off in the event of an accident.

Get The Tires Replaced

Replace your old worn out tires with some new ones. Tires are a very important part of your bike that you should not overlook. They give your bicycle traction and can also affect the steering in some cases. If you have punctured tires, they are at risk for exploding from exposure to air especially on hot days so replace them as soon as possible!

Get New Brakes

When you ride your bike, the brake pads on its tires are constantly rubbing against the rubber surface of a wheel in order to stop it from moving forward. This process is only effective if they’re well-maintained and regularly replaced with fresh parts. For example, rim brakes might start drying out or cracking as their life expectancy reaches maximum mileage limit due to exposure by sunlight over time; when this happens, even if you squeeze them hard enough (i.e., putting more pressure into squeezing), those small cracks will make braking less efficient since there won’t be any good contact points for stopping momentum – not cool! Luckily though that’s not too expensive either: just replace the brake pad itself instead of having to get new calipers installed.

Give it a New Paint

A new paint job can be a great way to turn an old bike into something that looks like it’s from the future. There are many different techniques you can use and ways of painting your bicycle which makes each one unique in its own way. A fresh coat of color on your ride is sure to make anyone smile!

Reflective Tape

Add some reflective tape to make yourself more visible at night, or invest in a light set if biking after dark. Reflective tapes are also great for any bike commuter!

Change the Pedals

Upgrade your pedals so they’re easier to use. Some pedals are made with a clip on the front that make it easier to get your foot out. Replacing old, worn-down pedals is always an option if they’re not adjustable! You won’t want to miss out on the new clipless pedals! They are not only lighter, but they allow you pedal more efficiently–you can pull up and push down through your entire pedaling motion. These take some time getting used too; practice in a field or hold onto something for extra stability as you get started. The benefits certainly outweigh any difficulty though: these will make bike handling easier while boosting confidence overall so that beginners feel like pros right from day one.

Upgraded Basket

Get an upgraded basket for carrying things around on your bike. It’ll be much easier to carry things with one hand or keep your hands free while you’re on the bike.

Clean it Inside Out

To keep your bike running smoothly, wipe down the frame and chain with a rag to remove dirt. Every week or so it is also good for you to clean out any gunk built up inside of the cassette and deraileurs because these small crevices can get clogged easily from dust buildup over time due simply wear they are constantly in contact with other parts of the bike. It’s important that you only use quality bicycle-specific cleaners when preparing your ride—using random products found at hardware stores may lead to unintended consequences like rusting components!

Bottle Cage

For some bikers, the old metal water bottle cages mounted to their frame are still in use. It’s time for an upgrade! Plastic bottle cages come with a wide variety of colors and designs that can match your bike or favorite kit. Sizes vary from top-loading systems to side-loaders—so choose one based on your preference! Carbon fiber is expensive but not as lightweight when compared to plastic models; however, it does offer strength against vibrations so if this is important you may want to consider investing more money into them (and less weight).

Get an Air Pump 

Get an air pump so you can inflate your tires on the go. A pump is a great investment if you know you’ll be biking in areas where there are a lot of bike trails and you have to make an unexpected stop!

Replace Old Handlebars

Replace old handlebars with ones that are wider and more ergonomic. This will make your bike easier to control and more comfortable. Old handlebars are also eyesore causers!

Buy a New Saddle

Buy a new saddle to make the ride more comfortable. A new saddle will also make your bike look better. If you are spending hours on a bike, it is crucial for your lower back to be comfortable. Look for one that strikes the perfect balance between performance and comfort so that your sit bones don’t have too much pressure from not enough or too little padding. Inquire with what saddle would best suit you at your local bike shop because everyone has different preferences and even individual differences in their bone widths which will affect how they feel about saddles

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